The Morning

by Mental Escape Pod




released May 2, 2015

artist: Mental Escape Pod
title: The Morning
keywords: experimental, ambient, dark ambient, noise, drone, Austria
reviewer: Willem van O.

Lean back, make yourself ready for this trip. The use of a couch is recommended.

These are the fine pleasant instructions for the correct way of listening to the music from the Montfort Music Crew. Mental Escape Pod’s The Morning is indeed a full on relax session; pretty ‘dark’ experimental ambient music in complete stereo! It starts with the ten minutes smoothness called ‘Erwachen’ that balances a nice stream of warmth in both the ears, making me feel like i’m floating in a realm of an angelic underwater world in which there is air provided. (so no uncomfortable underwater headgear, flippers and helmets are necessary) It’s just a fine emptiness, feeling weightless and comfortable.

Just In Danger’ is the second track and has a more experimental approach to its trip infecting music. Also this track is nicely done in a nice balanced stereo way. I know most music (except when in mono) are done in stereo, but these tracks are done in a very stereo way. It is significant information, something that creates a movement that is sucking listeners in like some Dolby surround super 3D hypnotic virtual audio reality. Here soft synthetic wooziness are the ones that rule the scene, but it’s the ‘stereo details’ that turns this audio track into a ‘Narnia’ in which you seemingly can step into.

Of course in every relaxed state of mind on that recommended couch, there is some alternate perception that can be used by everyone’s favorite uncle. Yes, It’s Charley Manson who takes over this section of the release, his voice clearly transformed to sound like a warm pleasant granddad that you can trust. A showcase of wise wisdom is sometimes stronger than any normal ambient stream.

After the chat from the Uncle, a small ‘Quitsch’ blobs itself in. It feels a bit like a filler, something to give Charles the time to make an exit, and us some time to get some oxygen before going for ‘Dawn’.
This Dawn is a deep work, a bit dark, a little freaky even. It got me relaxed and yet at the same time stiff on my toes..

When we reach track six, it’s time for a proper kind of remix. This ‘Das Rheintaler Nachtwerk – Heimatklänge in D-Pri (Mental Escape Pod Rmx)’ is the one to do the job, providing music for a strange kind of stormy space travel. It’s windy, very moving, a bit cold, yet again in full on stereo; it’s an exciting little ride that could have been much longer..

But the last track ‘Er’ is a bit like the external extra of this wicked trip, going for more than seven minutes of mysterious gas-like experimental ambient, making me thing for a moment that there is someone breathing (or farting) through a gas mask. It’s yet again in full stereo, which has been basically the golden road that has kept these tracks (including Charlie’s chit chat) together. This ‘The Morning’ is indeed a trip, a bit strange, a bit dark, but definitely not all that unpleasant. Especially recommended when you are equipped to listen to it in full stereo, as without; it simply wouldn’t sound the same.




Mental Escape Pod Dornbirn, Austria

Experimental Music.
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